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Danielle R

“I like the best in life--Don’t you? So, when I had shingles, I researched the best San Francisco Bay area Plastic Surgeon, highly recommended by many physicians—Dr. Steven Struck. I asked for his advice, for the best scar reduction medication, and he recommended bioCorneum+, and the rest is history! I had previously tried Mederma, an over the counter medication, and was less than satisfied. Fast forward, 6 months later, after utilizing bioCorneum+, the 6” x 1” scar has gone from raised, bright red dots to a scar so faint, you can barely see it! I am so grateful to have connected with Katie from enaltus…. bioCorneum has changed my life!”

Lyndsey Johnson

Thank you so much for adding an SPF to a silicone! My dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Reichel sent me this product recently and I am so very impressed. I am starting my 9th month after my burns and am very fortunate at only 2-3% but am still going through inflammation, contracture, and raising of my scars due to a prolonged healing process. My face, neck and are are constantly exposed to the sun no matter how much I work at sun protection. They have healed incredibly, but I had been hoping for a silicone with SPF, just as an added protective barrier underneath my normal sunscreen to keep my pigment from darkening. Knowing I have a great product with SPF and FDA clearence agives me such peace of mind!

Paula Heaney Sopp

"Great stuff! After a month of using this day and night, my scars are barely visible!!"

Kary VanArsdale Tanner

It is without hesitation that I recommend Biocorneum for the treatment of skin lacerations and scars. After sustaining two lacerations to my face during a jogging accident, I was told by several medical professionals in the Emergency Room that my wounds were severe enough that I might ultimately need to explore laser treatment or even surgery to correct the damage. This was not welcome news, as I am frequently face to face with clients in my role as International Sales Director for a medical equipment company. My face was quite unsightly and I felt that my professional appearance had been compromised. Fortunately, a couple of weeks after the accident, I had a chance encounter with two members of the Enaltus team while attending a medical expo. They noticed my injury and were kind enough to offer me a sample of the Biocorneum product, which I began to use immediately. I applied the gel on a daily basis and began to notice results within two weeks. After 90 days of using Biocorneum, my scars have faded dramatically and are almost unnoticeable. It is a relief to know that my scars have nearly healed without surgery or laser treatment. The gel is easy to apply and its effectiveness is outstanding. I applaud the manufacturers of Biocorneum for their innovation and am grateful to the Enaltus team for their professional promotion of this great product!

Heather D., Massachusetts

I am really pleased with the results, thanks!  My doctor is as well.  The navel area was dark from the beginning, so I am anxious to try your new product. I will certainly document the results.   I feel strongly that all patients coming out of a surgery, especially one that will produce a large scar, need to know what the best products are to help.  My doctor is incredibly helpful in that area, but I am sure not all doctors are, so patients just run to CVS looking for something - anything - that promises to lighten the scar.

John R. Griffin, MD

Was looking at the new PSC article on Biocorneum. I disclose I have no financial interest in this company. I use this product for the patients at my office. To my knowledge, the data on silicone sheeting and gels for scar management has some promising information, even though it is not conclusively proven that these products change scarring in all situations. That being said, at least there is some data, from multiple sources, that suggests that silicone sheeting and probably gels do some good for scar thickness and maybe color as well. I like the Biocorneum product because it is easy to use, and dries as a sheet on the patients' skin. It also has the added benefit of incorporated sunscreen in the gel. The majority of patients that I have spoken to about it, report back to me that they like the product, and they feel like it helps their scars.

Anonymous, Quincy, MA

I recently had a tummy tuck at Boston Plastic Surgery in Quincy, MA.  Your bioCorneum product wa highly recommended to me by both a fellow patient and Dr. Samaha himself. I must congratulate you on the effectiveness of this product, as I am already seeing results on my hip-to-hip scar. Thank you.

Jan, Colorado

Just wanted to let you know that I continue to see results with Biocorneum on my surgical scars!!  They are softening and minimizing, and I was especially pleased with the particularly difficult "nodule" of skin (where one of the stitches had a knot, I believe).... Anyway, it truly is a miracle preparation and I will continue to apply it twice a day, as I am so thrilled that the scars are softening and slowly disappearing, even the one that felt initially like a cord of string!  Thanks so much for allowing me to experience this wonderful treatment! Best wishes, P.S.  A little dab goes a long way, I have found.  The pump bottle is lasting a long time!

Rhiannon T., NY

We met at ASAPS last week and you gave me the BioCornieum w/ hydrocortisone as well as the one with SPF.  This is my 2nd surgery which was was 2/26/13 and then I had 2 stitch granulomas on the bottom of ea scar.  Anyway,You told me not to use the hydro cortisone more than 7 days so today I started with the regular one. I promised I would keep you updated and show you before and afters as I go along. Feel free to use my pictures for whatever you may need it for.   I love this product, The texture of it allows it to roll on the skin like butter.  I have no irritation or any kind of allergic reactions.  Thanks again for giving me this product to try.

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